Why do multiple exceptions for a single user lead to multiple issues?

Hi, I’m new to Sentry, pretty much loving it but running into an issue that seems weird to me.

We’ve put a bunch of exceptions in our code (Sentry.captureException with the new JavaScript API). When something goes wrong, sometimes a user will hit a few exceptions in a row (we let them continue through the flow even if an exception is raised).

Let’s say a user goes through the flow and hits Exception1, then Exception2. This produces two issues for me on Sentry. Curiously, I notice that Exception2’s issue doesn’t even show that Exception1 happened before Exception2 happened… this is weird. Shouldn’t it log all prior exceptions?

Can we set up Sentry so that it produces a single Issue for a user session, no matter how many exceptions were raised. I would like that single issue to show all exceptions that occurred on its details page. This seems normal to me / is this possible / what am I missing?

does anyone read these forums?