How frequently does sentry send the issue?

I am in a react-native app

when I write this code at my home page’s componentDidMount method,

Sentry.captureMessage("test - Sentry error - 44");

every time I change the number to a new one, app reload automatically, then I refresh the issue stream page, I get the issue immediately.

but when I use following code replace above code, I can not get the issue in the issue stream page, even when I restart app with all that test code comment out.

throw new Error("test - Sentry error - 11");

My question is:
How frequently or when does sentry send the issue?
Where can I find the doc about this?

Sentry groups events into issues. If you throw an error, events are grouped by stacktrace instead of exception message. Then you will find your Error events grouped together in a single issue, but can still view them individually.

@untitaker Thanks for reply.
In my option, when I throw 3 errors:

throw new Error("test - Sentry error - 55");
throw new Error("test - Sentry error - 66");
throw new Error("test - Sentry error - 77");

I will have 3 events, sentry will group them to one ‘Error issue’.
Am I right?

But when I throw 3 errors, I can not find the event for any of that.
After even one hour,
I search for test - Sentry error - 55, test - Sentry error - 66 or test - Sentry error - 77

any clue?

BTW sometimes, like one or two days ago, I can get an “Error issue”, but I just have no idea how to make another one.

I have view the 3 events, no new ones.

If you throw within a function, the function terminates. The other throws do not execute. Are you saying your code actually looks like that or do you have separate routines/promises that throw each error?


I want to simulate a user have encounter an error every time he/she opens the app.
so I write the throw code at home page’s componentDidMount method.

every time I get that error at my device screen, I rebuild and rerun the app, simulating user kill and reopen the app.

I rebuild and rerun app 3 times, I expect one Error issue grouped with 3 events, but there is none.
And I want to know how does sentry send the event, does it send event immediately or save it to disk , send next time when app reopens?

Is there a limitation for how many events can one user send one hour, one day or some other time period?

How can I know if the event is send or not, which method (on iOS/Android) is that, I wander if I can set a breakpoint for it.

Which SDK are you using? It may be a better question for the respective GitHub issue tracker.