Windows Call Stacks are incorrect

Hi there,

We are having troubles with our Windows Call Stack. We are using Crashpad to generate the minidumps and upload them via the Sentry project url.

We are seeing that most of our windows crash call stacks are incorrect. This is an example:

I have read in your docs that you do not store minidumps for security reasons. Could it be possible that there is an issue with the conversion of the minidumps into the format which is used by sentry ui?


This looks suspicious. Can you send us a minidump so we can investigate this? (

If you get in contact with sales we can also store minidumps for you.


I don’t have a mini dump as this crash has occurred in the public not internally. Is there anyway that you could get the mini dumps on your end? In the meantime I will see if there is a crash on sentry that we can repro here.