Stack of windows native crash (UE4) wrong

Hi, I’m new to sentry.
We’re planning to integrate sentry to our Unreal Engine 4 based games.
Unfortunately, the stack trace of the minidumps are not read correctly.
Here are some sample links:

Here a sample of one stack trace:

Application-Specific Information:

Thread 16096 Crashed:
0   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146248e92         <unknown>
1   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14626fbbf         <unknown>
2   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
3   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>
4   <unknown>                       0x18143c0cb3c       <unknown>
5   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1409d497f         UObject::ProcessInternal (scriptcore.cpp:1088)
6   <unknown>                       0x8c74e8            <unknown>
7   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146271e7c         <unknown>
8   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146248ef5         <unknown>
9   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
10  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>
11  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146271cab         <unknown>
12  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
13  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>

I’ve uploaded the pdb and corresponding exe file correctly and it is shown as:

Stack Unwinding: ok
Symbolication: ok

Stack traces in Visual Studio are almost always shown correctly.

Is there anything I can try to get a better stack trace?

Here is a crash for direct comparison: