Stack of windows native crash (UE4) wrong

Hi, I’m new to sentry.
We’re planning to integrate sentry to our Unreal Engine 4 based games.
Unfortunately, the stack trace of the minidumps are not read correctly.
Here are some sample links:

Here a sample of one stack trace:

Application-Specific Information:

Thread 16096 Crashed:
0   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146248e92         <unknown>
1   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14626fbbf         <unknown>
2   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
3   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>
4   <unknown>                       0x18143c0cb3c       <unknown>
5   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1409d497f         UObject::ProcessInternal (scriptcore.cpp:1088)
6   <unknown>                       0x8c74e8            <unknown>
7   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146271e7c         <unknown>
8   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146248ef5         <unknown>
9   TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
10  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>
11  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x146271cab         <unknown>
12  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x14624a54f         <unknown>
13  TouristBusSimulator.exe         0x1462105e6         <unknown>

I’ve uploaded the pdb and corresponding exe file correctly and it is shown as:

Stack Unwinding: ok
Symbolication: ok

Stack traces in Visual Studio are almost always shown correctly.

Is there anything I can try to get a better stack trace?

Here is a crash for direct comparison:

I also had this issue but was able to get a better stack trace by uploading ONLY the pdb. The issue I’m now facing is that the aside from the first two stack frames, the rest of the stack is incorrect when compared to the output of cdb.exe. In past projects including the exe did seem to help resolution but I’m not sure whats going on here. Did try (briefly) to use Symbolic on its own but to no avail.

Using artifacts from a Development build.


Just wanted to correct the above. It appears you do in fact need the exe for the unwinding information. I think the issue, at least on our end, arose from deleting the debug files from the UI but them not actually deleting properly. I suspect some kind of cache issue. Uploading the exe and then the pdb then posting a few crashes resulted in expected outcome for us.

It seems that in my case the debug and exe files are uploaded correctly but an internal error occurs while the unwinding process.