Wrong events count in issues list

I have a problem on fresh install of Sentry 9.1.2 on my server.
It works mostly fine but I have one issue that I don’t know how to fix or debug. I hope you could help me with that.

In issues list events count always shows “1” even if issue happened thousand times.
Frequency sorting seems to be working fine, graph are also showing correct numbers. It’s just one place where I see wrong numbers.

I don’t see any errors in syslog. Aside from that I don’t know where else to look for any clues.

Heya! This may be a bug but to help us investigate, can you share more details about your setup such as whether you are using the recommended docker-compose based setup from our onpremise repo or something else?

Thanks for the reply.
I installed Sentry with Python following this instruction: https://docs.sentry.io/server/installation/python/

Some details about my setup:

  • CentOS 7
  • Nginx 1.12.2 as Proxy
  • Using Systemd 219 for running processes
  • Redis 3.2.12
  • PostgreSQL 11

Also I noticed another issue that may be related and may be can help debug the problem.
Environment filters are not working for me.
For example:
I have set up multiple environments on my app’s deploys. I can see these environments in top-right corner dropdown and I can see environment tag inside individual issues so environments are working fine.
Hovewer when I’m trying to filter issues by environment (via Environment dropdown or by entering filter in search) - it doesn’t finds any results.
This is especially weird when I open some issue that happened on one environment and then select that environment from a dropdown - Sentry shows that this issue happened 0 times which obviously is incorrect.

Please let me know if I can provide anything else that can be useful.

Okay so just got word from one of our engineers saying this happens when the cron worker is not working. Could that be the case for you?


I checked cron worker and turned out that it was not working. Looking it’s logs I found this GitHub issue that helped me: https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/issues/9144

I’m not sure why I had something wrong with /tmp/sentry-celerybeat file on a fresh install (maybe some bug) but after removing it - everything seems to be working just fine!

Thanks for your help!

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