Youtrack integration

I have followed the steps to integrate our Sentry with Youtrack to enable automatic issue creation from error reports. When I go to project settings and integrations, the Youtrack plugin shows as enabled.

However, the issue page for our project still shows a “link issue tracker” button, and there is no button to create a YouTrack issue.

What am I missing? How to get the “Create Issue” button to show up as the docs describe?


Youtrack integration seems not to be working.

On the settings page for the integration it shows confusing information:

Plugin Information
Name: YouTrack
Author: Adam Bogdał
Version: 0.3.5

The latest release number of the linked github project is 0.3.1 and was released 2 years ago.

The original project where the sentry fork cames from has a version 0.3.5 which is about 1,5 years old.

Since youtrack has changed a lot within the last 2 years, maybe this plugin is not supported anymore. Since we are using Youtrack as well, I wrote the sentry support about it and linked this post to my request.

Response from support:

The engineering team said they will not be fixing it any time soon because they are currently prioritizing other integrations.

We can help fixing it by open a pull request on the project maintained by sentry:

I don’t think I will get to it in the next weeks, so maybe somone else is willing to do it.