3rd Party Credit Card Processing Problems


I’m using Sentry on my front-end Angular v.4+ web app. It’s an ecommerce website, so we use a 3rd party credit card processing system called ProPay. We’re using their Hosted Payment Page (basically get’s all of their card information through an iframe. Read more here) which doesn’t seem to work since Sentry was integrated (we have lost many sales).

To fix this, I have removed Sentry altogether :frowning: But I like Sentry, so I’m reaching out for support.

Once the web app makes this HTTP request:
GET https://protectpay.propay.com/hpp/signalr/negotiate?clientProtocol=1.5&hid=0cdb0c02-39a3-4b15-b1ce-f42839f003e7&c=0&connectionData=%5B%7B%22name%22%3A%22hostedtransaction%22%7D%5D&_=1507402303788

This error pops up repeatedly:
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I don’t quite understand it, but the error happens and the checkout iframe is never loaded consequently breaking the checkout process. My suspicion is that ProPay is treating Sentry as a security breach, and therefore will not serve up the iframe content.

I need a work-around. Is there a way to disable Sentry when a user is on the checkout pages of the application?

Turns out, my solution was the same as this one: [SOLVED] RangeError while installing Raven