Errors not showing

I’m unable to see any errors on Sentry dashboard even though I see those on the developer tools console.

My client is using Angular 1 + Requirejs. I have initialized Sentry as follows:

define(‘ngApp/website/main/main’, [“raven.min”], {
function(Raven) {
var app = angular.module(‘visitacity’, [‘some modules’, ‘ngRaven’,function($httpProvider) {

The raven.min.js is saved on my server with the latest code take from:

Do you have a minimal reproducible example you could share on GitHub? I’d be glad to investigate.

A couple of things to note:

  • We recommend initializing Raven before you initialize your Angular app – otherwise loading failures will not be caught
  • Raven.js suppresses duplicate errors by default (can disable with allowDuplicates: true)
  • You can enable debug: true to see extra debugging output