Raven transport failed to send: Error: Sentry error code: network unavailable

Hello! I configured Sentry following the docs but it seems doesn’t send any data and throw this error:

My config:
import Vue from ‘vue’;
import Raven from ‘raven-js’;
import RavenVue from ‘raven-js/plugins/vue’;

// Initiate Sentry service
  .config('https://{key}@sentry.io/{number}', {
    environment: ENV,
    whitelistUrls: [
    debug: true,
  .addPlugin(RavenVue, Vue)

new Vue({...});

I keep js files of app on https://cdn.my-app.com but app running on https://cloud.my-app.com. Maybe this causing the problem?

As I see it collects data error correctly but can’t post it to Sentry. Any help please?

Since the error code is 0, this means that something in your browser is blocking the request. Do you have an AdBlock extension or some other content blocker that may be blocking requests to our domain?

Thanks, thats solved my problem.