403 error adding commits to release

sentry-cli is throwing a 403 error when I attempt to add commits to a release:

$ sentry-cli releases set-commits --auto $TAG
error: API request failed
  caused by: sentry reported an error: You do not have permission to perform this action. (http status: 403)

I have added the Github integration to my sentry org, and the appropriate repository for my project. The OAuth App is configured in Github and appears to be working correctly.

My auth-token has the following scopes: project:read, project:write, project:releases

The release is created in Sentry, but unsurprisingly doesn’t have any commits associated with it.

Did I miss something in the setup?


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It’s not well documented, but you also need org:read (to be able to access the connected repositories).

Overall you should need org:read, project:read, project:releases


I’m a little late to reply here, but I found that I only needed org:read and project:releases, not project:read.