Can't fetch commits to a release from private repos


Hi guys,

I’m new on Sentry and I’m getting an error on Sentry 9.0.0 when I try to set commits through the sentry-cli using a GitHub private repository:

Unable to Fetch Commits

We were unable to fetch the commit log for your release ( 934f4990dffcaea056732c1e9cf0efdf3de276bd ) due to the following error:

GitHub returned a 404 Not Found error. If this repository exists, ensure you have the appropriate write permissions for it, and that Sentry is an authorized OAuth app in your Github account settings (

I’ve tested everything is well connected with GitHub, in fact I deleted the identity and reconnected again, but still the same.
This occurs only with private repositories, if I use a public one it works perfectly and the commits are shown on the release.

Any thoughts?


We have the exact same issue


Is this self-hosted?