500 when posting minidumps


I’m trying to set up crash reporting for an electron app:

First, to manually upload a .dmp file with cURL, just like in the documentation:
curl -vX POST \
-F upload_file_minidump=@53ab1d1b-db6f-29ff-4bcd47e1-441a40c0.dmp
But this seems to return the 500 error code.

Secondly, I’ve tried installing @sentry/electron , run the init function and then call process.crash(), but nothing seems to happen. (I’ve checked Issues, User feedback, Activity)

Where can I see the uploaded minidumps? am I missing something?

Also the docs say:

you need to configure the Minidump Endpoint URL, which can be found at Project Settings > Client Keys (DSN)

But it looks like it’s already set up…


@jauer might be able out here?

Hi Daniel,

Your curl call is definitely correct, and you seem to be hitting a bug in our minidump endpoint. Could you send that minidump to jan.auer@sentry.io so I can try to reproduce this?

For setting up our Electron SDK, please see this documentation. You have to pass the DSN into the options, and not the minidump endpoint URL.

Are you calling process.crash() in the main process or a renderer? In the first case, you will have to restart your app and let it run for a few seconds for the crashes to be uploaded. In case of a renderer, the minidumps should be uploaded a few seconds after the crash without restarting. However, you might still run into the same 500 bug as with curl, which is also why no crashes should be appearing.

To your last question: We currently do not store minidumps for various reasons. There are plans to store them and also let you download them, but I cannot give you a timeline on that just yet.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to reach out if you have further questions!

  • Jan

The 500 error is being fixed via #8643. Thank you for reporting this issue and please feel free to reach out again any time.

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