Invalid projet_id when using minidump API


With a hosted sentry, I am trying to use the minidump API on an Electron application with crashReporter module.<project-name>/minidump/?sentry_key=<key>
      companyName: 'companyName',
      productName: 'productName',
      ignoreSystemCrashHandler: true,
      uploadToServer: true,
      submitURL: 'https://sentry-diese.hosted/api/project-name/minidump/?sentry_key=key'

But when I send a minidump I have a 400 error with Invalid project_id: u’project-name’ response whatever the project-name is.

I don’t understand why.

Have you got an idea of what I am doing wrong ?


project-name should be the numeric project id, not its slug: