Ability to ignore issues with matching exception message?

Hi all,

It’d be nice to be able to ignore issues matching a string, e.g. storage/framework/views in
filemtime(): stat failed for /mnt/nfs/var/shared/production/storage/framework/views/89d3fd0623e8830b3a06a1a394064780c1c54fba.php (View: /var/www/XXX/env/production/releases/4/resources/views/shared/navigation/XXX.blade.php)

(This happens when a cached view is found but deleted by a deployment script before being used by the Laravel framework.)

Different URLs’ caches result in different error messages so we end up with new issues each time we deploy, even though it’s the same issue really.

Apologies if I’m missing something - I’d love to know how to do this properly.

Sorry for bumping my own thread, but is there no simple answer to this?

Even if it’s “no it’s not possible right now”, that’d be useful.

I’m going to bump my request again because I really hoped to get a response by now.