Add integration with VSTS

I would like to be able to raise a Bug in VSTS directly from a sentry issue. Ideally this would populate as much information as possible into the bug work item.


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We know very little about VSTS. Is that this system (below) or something else?

Edit: Just realized it’s probably

Yep, it is Visual Studio Team Services. If you go to then click the “Get started for free” button in the middle, you will be able to create a free account to have a look. You will need a Microsoft account to sign in with.

VSTS (based on the on-premises Team Foundation Server) provides different process templates per project in the account. The process templates define what type of work items are available for that project (like Bug, Task, Test Case etc). Agile is the most common one and there is also SCRUM and CMMI. Each process template has a bug concept although the fields may be different for each.

We’ll definitely explore it. We’ve been rebuilding the issue tracking (and notifications) extension support to make it easier to maintain as well as extend to other integrations:

One of the major remaining hurdles is to better handle systems which work with OAuth, but api key-based systems are extremely easy right now.

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Sorry, got this one wrong. The SCRUM process template is the most popular, not Agile.

Is VSTS similar to Jira in that you can define custom columns? I’m digging through a bit to get a feel, and it seems mostly straight forward, but thats the big question. It looks like that likely our create issue flow would focus on identifying the story you want it attached to, and then passing in a basic title and description?

We’d be block on OAuth support to actually do this, but that’s something we’re going to implement soon.

Nice, it would be great to have the support as we use VS Online for issues :slight_smile:

By the way, we put bugs under “Product Backlog Items” so it would be helpful to be able to choose the type of parent item to use/search.

FYI @jess has spent a bunch of time integrations lately, and I think we can now semi-reasonably solve VSTS in the new React-powered components.

The thinking is now:

  • Add a provider to our vendored/forked/ripped apart version of django-social-auth
  • Add VSTS integration using the new React bits, which makes it a lot easier to build dynamic configurations

I will say it’s not a priority, but I might toy with it in my spare time.

I’m interested in contributing to the VSTS integration…

Is there any guide to contribute or any fork where i can get into it?


Edit: I only saw the vsts branch and will try to work on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You are a champion.

I’ve had a quick glance over your vsts branch and have just a couple of comments (keep in mind I don’t know Python).

The title of the plugin seems to be ‘Visual Studio’ (see This seems misleading. Perhaps VSTS or TFS or VSTS/TFS would be more appropriate.

It looks like the config for the plugin only supports an account name (see implying that this will only work for VSTS. This should really support on-premise TFS app tiers (exposed to the internet) by allowing the address of the TFS/VSTS webservices rather than just the account name. For example, a typical config of an on-premise TFS endpoint would be

Looks like the skeleton code is going to try to write to the history field (see The history field is immutable. The closest to this would be the comment field although putting information in the description field would probably be more appropriate.

Thank you so much for working on this. It looks great :slight_smile:

Hey, whats the status on the VSTS/TFS integration? I could not find the branch anymore.


are there any news for the TFS integration?

Also very interested in this - Looks like the integration was abandoned?

What about supporting plain http-accessible Git repositories? Our Git repository is hosted by on-premise TFS, but unless I’m overlooking something, shouldn’t this be something generic like:

  • repository address
  • authentication options

Like any other git client?


I created a VSTS plugin for creating issues. The repo is at I’m still waiting on the sentry folks to get back to me about getting it up in production.

Currently it only lets one create work items from issues.

We will be adding TFS support in an upcoming version of Sentry, likely late in Q2/18. The reason we dont have bare repository support is because Sentry currently doesn’t not operate on VCS infrastructure (we dont ever fetch repositories). For our integrations we simply monitor commit metadata, and actually would prefer to avoid pulling down your source code for various security/privacy reasons.

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Any news on the TFS integration?

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Have there been any updates on the hosted TFS integration or is it basically forgotten about? I know that both VSTS and TFS are both basically being deprecated in favor of Azure Pipelines / Azure Repos, but we still self-host with TFS and I would love to be able to still get some sort of git integration with sentry without having to upgrade our whole source code stack.

@josh-degraw current Sentry supports commits without a VCS integration. You just have to pipe them via the APIs as part of deploy payloads: