Mute issue when jira is assigned and resolve when closed

I’ve been wanting to mute issues after a linked issue is assigned to someone and mark it as resolved when the linked jira issue is closed. Has anyone added that or am I missing something?

It’s unlikely we’re going to do this in the near term. We’re building some version control-based flows that provide this kind of behavior, and are far more accurate than ticket tracking systems like JIRA.

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could work a version control based one into our workflow too (github enterprise).

So we have to annotate commits w/ both the Sentry ID and the JIRA ID, that’s a bit of an annoying extra step don’t you think?

You could just stop creating JIRA tickets out of them. Sentry’s workflow is far more intelligent than JIRA simply can be, and our goal isnt to attempt to outsource all of our data to a third party system which we can’t shape into what we need. The issue tracker integrations we provide are purely intended for convenience, or for people who don’t need the automation behind Sentry’s issue management.

Hi, thanks for you anwser!

It’s kind of an odd one tho, Jira workflows can be changed to meet any need, unlike Sentry, and you can create new issues from the UI, and manage your entire project development and so on. As I see it, Sentry is an (awesome!) error aggregator (along w/ all errors details: stack, context…), not an issue management platform, thus the need of a 2-way automation. By the way, if a Jira integration has been made, it’s I guess because your customers needed it, isn’t it?

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Agree there definitely should be some solution here given this and other related threads asking for SOME way to automatically resolve issues from 1 end to another.

Our use case:

  • We have a weekly bug triage where we look at issues reported by users, by crash reporters (sentry, AppCenter). Not being able to easily resolve has been the source of frustration for my developers.

We’re currently working on this feature for Jira and Visual Studio Team Services. Right now its focused on things like status sync, which isn’t quite the same as the subject of this thread.