Add repository from Bitbucket? Resolving issues via commits feature

Hi there, I’m keen to make use of the ‘Resolving issues via commits’ feature and other recent additions mentioned in
From what I can tell when on the ‘Repositories’ tab of the Settings page for my project-in-question, the drop down button ‘Add Repository’ only shows GitHub listed. Is there a plan for being able to add repositories directly from Bitbucket there as well?
Many thanks!


Not only Bitbucket, but also Gitlab and self-hosted git repo’s would be very nice.

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+1 for Bitbucket repos. Blocking us from embracing Sentry atm.

or plain git report might also be good start, maybe not as integrated as github and friends, but still…
(btw, i use gitlab too )

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Yeah I use GitLab and would love the ability to add in my repository from there

+1 for bitbucket and other repo support, but mainly bitbucket.

It’ll be great if sentry can provide a way to sync commit messages with general git repositories, integrate through service level is nice to have but not necessary, especially when it comes to self-hosted GitLab or Bitbucket, there would be too much hassle situations to deal with.

Another Bitbucket user here.

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Ben from Sentry here. We have plans to add other repository providers soon-ish. I recommend subscribing to our blog for updates / keeping an eye out for announcements.


+1 for GitLab or just any git url

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Please add integration to AWS CodeCommit too

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With all our repositories in AWS CodeCommit, it’d be superb to have repo integration with that.

We might be able to cobble together some degree of commit tracking through Jenkins & the web hooks, but not everything gets a jenkins build, whereas everything is version controlled in CodeCommit.