Unable to integrate with Bitbucket


I’m trying to set up integration with bitbucket. I’m following the guide here https://docs.sentry.io/workflow/releases/ . I do not see any commits in my Sentry project and I keep getting the same email saying that “something went wrong” and they are getting 500 error from bitbucket. Are there any logs anywhere I can look at to see whats going on?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there, thanks for posting. If you could share more information, that will greatly help us debug the issue. Do you mind posting some screenshots of the error? And if you know how to use dev tools, a screenshot of the 500 error in the network tab. Also, what sentry organization are you trying to install it on?

To be clear - I am not seeing the 500 error in the browser. I am getting an email from Sentry saying that there was a 500 error while trying to fetch commits.

Please let me know if this is something that we can resolve.

Thank you,

@ozeltser Thanks for your reply. It seems that other people are having this problem as well and one of our support folks wrote an article on how to solve the 500 issue: https://help.sentry.io/hc/en-us/articles/360019866834-Why-am-I-receiving-the-email-Unable-to-Fetch-Commits-

If those instructions don’t help you fix your issue, I’ll try to look at this more deeply. Though I suspect the issue is on Bitbucket’s side so I doubt there is much we can do about it.


That article is referenced in the original email. I did take a look and there is not much information there. I did follow the recommendation in the article by tearing integration down and rebuilding it, but it did not work. I was wondering if there is any additional information available anywhere that could help us to get this issue resolved.

Thank you again,

The honest truth is that our team does not have the resources to look into this right now. And I suspect the bug is on Bithbucket’s side. The best chance you have of getting this resolved is to contact their support which is what I would have done if I had the time.