Adding private Github repos to organization for new commits feature?

Can you add private Github repos to the new commit releases feature? ( and ( A few other threads have different discussions about this.

I’m authenticated with Github and Sentry in some fashion so I was hoping it would work. I added my repo to my organization. But nothing has changed in my specific projects.

I do already have a Github webhook in place. I’m not sure what it’s doing and if it was added before when I did plugin integration in specific projects or just now via the Github organization addition.

Thanks for any help.

Yes, you can use the commit feature with private repos. The commits aren’t visible anywhere in the UI until they are associated with a release. In order to do that, you need to use this endpoint to create a release and be sure to send the refs parameter. The curl example in this section of the docs that you linked should give you a good sense of what the request should look like.