Apply filters to statistics in issue list

We moved from crashlytics to sentry. And after our first impression the step represents a strong improvement for us. The integration into gitlab helps us a lot. Thanks for the awesome work!

The issue opend a while ago on github ( didn‘t gain any traction so I thought to give it another shot here…

The behaviour of the event and user column was a bit counter intuitive for me. It took me a while to understand that the filters applied to the list of issues does not apply to the events and user column. As stated before the enriching the information could be very helpful.

An ideal UI for the issue overview for me would look as follows:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-16 um 23 39 30

In stead of showing always the total amount of events and users it would be very helpful to show two different numbers in both columns.

(A) would show the number of all events / users for the selected env AND timeframe
(B) would show the number of events / users found affected in respect of the applied search

By having those numbers side by side one would be able to trill down the impact of all matching issues for the applied filter like release/operation system when looking at (B) while the second number (A) still gives a good impression of the impact of the problem in the chosen environment and time frame.

I think @adhiraj can speak about this :slight_smile:

Let’s continue the discussion on github.