After upgrading from 9.1.2 to latest Sentry, network traffic dropped a lot

We noticed a big drop in CDN network traffic recently, and after some research we found out that it coincides with a Sentry update from 9.1.2 to the latest version.

We are using Azure CDN, and the above chart shows the Sum over “Response Size”.

At the same time, the server where we host Sentry also shows a similar chart. Here you can see that the incoming and outgoing traffic to Sentry has reduced a lot as well.

We only have one VueJS installation of Sentry in the Frontend which could be related, but we didn’t update the npm packages. Only the self-hosted Sentry was upgraded.

Is there anything that changed since 9.1.2 which could cause this change? We mainly just want to understand if something might be broken in our system or if we can be happy about the reduced CDN costs :wink:

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