Alert Rules for multiple Projects

First of all thanks for this awesome Product :slight_smile:

Is it currently possible to manage alert rules for more than one Project?
Or alternatively, set a default alert rule?

We use the Microsoft Teams Integration and it is quite annoying to create a new rule
for every new project.

This has been discussed here previously, but I think it would deserve a revisit.



No. You will have to do it through the API. Make one alert rule from the web and then use my script from the link and you will be done in a jiffy.

Using a script like this feels very cumbersome, I was considering this option but I was hoping for something built into sentry.

See this post as feature request

If you need to add a alert to more than a few project it will take much longer time to do, if not through the API :sweat_smile:

Not possible today unfortunately, but we’ve heard asks for this and wanna build it in the future.