How do you feel about Sentry's Alerts?

We’ve always struggled here, as knowing about issues is extremely important, but often projects have a huge volume of errors and alerts quickly become noise.

How you feel about Sentry’s default Alert Rules? (“Notify me on every new issue”)

  • Do you think the defaults make sense for you?
  • Do you like having alerts by default, or would you prefer no alerts by default?
  • Are there obvious shortcomings in the Alert Rules for you?

Appreciate any opinions ya’ll can give us as we look at the future of these systems!

I like the default. I’d even like a re-notify after a few weeks, as sometimes things can fall through the cracks.

I see Sentry as an error notification service, so not having any alerts by default would feel like something’s broken.

I’m actually looking into how to make our sentry alerts more useful. At the moment we are only notified of new issues via Slack. But this can be hard to determine what is new and what is old noise.

From an Ops point of view we really need 2 types of alerts.

  1. A regular notification with a summary of events that have occurred. For us probably once a day would be enough but i think this should be adjustable.
  2. A alert when particular thresholds are hit. For example if we suddenly see a spike in error rates then it probably a sign of something terribly wrong. Again this would probably be another summary of the threshold window.

I don’t think we need to know every new issue as they come in unless they hey a large impact. Otherwise if they are just included in a regular summary that would work well.

BTW the Weekly summary is good for overall health but not suitable for Operations Support. It doesn’t show any useful information at a glance to determine if immediate action needs to be taken and doesn’t occur often enough.

As we have a lot of different projects with the same base and relatively low events volume, I’d love being able to edit the organization’s default alert rules.
E.g. define a global rule for when “everything is falling apart”!