Amazon SQS data forwarding not working, how to debug?

Hello Sentry community :slight_smile:

I recently set up the data forwarding integration with Amazon SQS. The infrastructure on aws is up and running, and the relative data is correctly inserted into the plugin web interface.

Despite Sentry telling me that data is being forwarded, the SQS is not receiving any message.
My problem is that I can鈥檛 figure out what is going wrong. Based on this sentry/ at 3d6696db6b9bff748ea6ffdaa90004c8f38ddce0 路 getsentry/sentry 路 GitHub, there should be some exceptions prints logged but I don鈥檛 know where I should find them - they are not ending up on Sentry together with the other apps logs.

Could you help me with debugging this?

Thank you!