Not receiving emails

I’m not sure what’s going on but I do not receive any emails from my sentry instance. I setup SMTP and the test email works fine. But all other emails (notifications, invitations, etc.) are not received. Tried it with my account and other teammates, but nobody received any emails.

Any ideas?

I’d check the post-process-forwarder service as if it is not working, you’d have issues with alerts and everything.

I’d also check the worker service as invitations should be coming from there.

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That was it! Thanks.

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@BYK I have checked services but there are no obvious errors but emails still not received. Do I have to configure external smtp service to receive those??

You’d have to configure some SMTP service, yes. The built-in SMTP server may not work due to spam filters etc. and your network settings.

Yes, I have configured AWS SES service details in sentry/config.yml file and did docker-compose restart and it was working as per my SES domain and email identities.

Have you checked your worker and post-process-forwarder services as recommended above? I cannot think of anything else except for network issues.

@BYK I have mentioned that after mentioned changes it was working Ok. worker was showing successful logs.

Thanks for your time.

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