Sentry and Amazon SES


I am trying to configure our Sentry instance to use amazon SES for sentry emails.

Got the following settings in. I tried the test button in the screenshot above. First time I got a “time out” error but after enabling the port in Amazon security group now the test is successful.

However none of the emails are going through. I am inviting users via GUI but I can’t see any email sent in Amazon SES . In addition. the email queues are also empty. I can connect fine via telnet from my sentry host to the smtp server (connections times out to me trying to send an email).

Which version are you in? How does your setup look like? Are you running the post-process-forwarder service?

Problem solved, I had the wrong impression that the web hots are managing the emails, actually is the worker that does it. Whitelisting port 578 for the worker nodes solved it

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