[Android] Where To Store 'sentries.properties' File


It is a bit unclear from the documentation where I should store the sentries.properties file. I’ve tried putting it in the root of my project, as well as under src/main/res/. It is not detecting it for some reason. I have this set in the file:


When running the app, I still get the following error:

No ‘stacktrace.app.packages’ was configured, this option is highly recommended as it affects stacktrace grouping and display on Sentry. See documentation: https://docs.sentry.io/clients/java/config/#in-application-stack-frames

Any ideas?

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@attyran: Did you find the solution?

Nope. I ended up just adding these parameters in the code. Would like to know anyways where I should be putting this file.

@attyran: Can you take a look on my Questions in stack?

I’m new to sentry an I had the same problem (using the version 1.7.27)
You really need an folder “resources”, forget about the “res”-folder in android
The absolut path is “app/src/main”. After creating the folder there are the following folders/files in main:

  • assets
  • java
  • res
  • resources
  • AndroidManifest.xml


The property-file works well in the resources-folder, but in logcat you still see the message that the file can’t get found.