Angular 7 and Sentry?

I’m trying to switch from Rollbar to Sentry on my Angular 7 app but haven’t been successful in getting TypeScript traces to show. I can get an error at this point showing up in Sentry using the direcftions from and I have the sourcemaps uploading during my build process, but clicking on anything just shows the compiled JavaScript. I have confirmed by Version # is in my source as well as what’s being used to upload Artifacts as these are shown together.

It’s unclear if I’m supposed to also be pulling in the CDN in my index.html with Angular, or does @sentry/browser take the place of that. Am I also pulling in the package into angular or is that package only for standalone TypeScript not Ng?

Finally got it work,in the confusion is that the page showing how to use Sentry with Angular doesn’t preclude the other page about adding the CDN link to index.html, though if you just land on the “here’s how Sentry works with Angular page” itself, you end up missing that step.

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