Is npm install @sentry/browser enough for an Angular 7 app?

To integrate Sentry with my Angular 7 app, is it enough to just npm install @sentry/browser ?

I am finding it difficult to implement in my app the additional recommendations from this article:

Since it’s written that " On its own, @sentry/browser will report any uncaught exceptions triggered from your application.", I would like to confirm here that if I only npm install @sentry/browser on my Angular app, it will log the uncaught exceptions to the Sentry Issues.

Thank you.

You need at least call Sentry.init({dsn: 'your dsn'}); it does nothing by just installing the package.

Hi HazAT,

Thank you for your reply. I just added Sentry.init({dsn: 'my dsn string / URL'}) to the ngOnInit of my app.component.ts, and then I broke the code with a myUndefinedFunction();. But Sentry didn’t capture the error on the Issues section.

I am being able to capture errors successfully on my backend, but I am having trouble in capturing errors on my frontend.

Should I use a different projects for my backend and frontend? I am now trying to capture errors for both using a single project.

So here is an working example you can play around with.