Any way to get screenshot from user in android?

We’re using sentry to get errors of our android app, and now we need a way to get screenshot from users when an error occurs. Is there any way in Sentry to have it? Or is there any integration that we could use?
Thank you very much

Not yet, but we are planning to add this. Keep an eye out for future updates :+1:

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Hi Sazary, may I please ask you for more details about the use case you want to cover by taking the screenshot? More info would help us to prioritise the feature better. (You can also contact me at Thanks

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That’s great, thank you!
In summary, our use case is what Instabug covers: Sometimes no crash happens and no exception is raised, but what user is seeing is a bug. We need to have a way for users to be able to report bugs. With each bug report, we need 3 things:

  • Current state of app and it’s data, which we attach on each sentry crash report
  • A screenshot of app
  • Optionally a brief message and explanation from the user

We can the view and activity necessary for getting bug reports from user and send an error to sentry using the SDK, but we can’t send screenshot or screencast.

Thank you very much