Are Hosted sourcemaps broken?

I’m not really sure what is wrong here.

I’m creating a release tagged with a date + a hash, for example: 18.05.05T05:59:43.b7d947f.

I’m pushing up two artifacts to this release, named as such: ~/js/compiled/ (9.8MB)
~/js/compiled/main.B59D104D4FE278797DFA17D3746A304D.js (1.8BM), which are both just raw text files, and can be downloaded from the GUI as such. Also, the source map directive //# sourceMappingURL=main. in the hashed .js file looks correct to me.

When I deploy my client code and generate an error, I get the error associated to the proper release. This is what I would expect because my sentry client (raven-js) is setup to use the same release: release: "18.05.05T05:59:43.b7d947f". However, my uploaded sourcemap files are, for whatever reason, just not being touched. In the sentry GUI my reported error shows:

Sourcemap was invalid or not parseable: https://{deploy-host}/js/compiled/

This also makes sense, because my {deploy-host} is not serving access to *.map, and therefore the GET is failing… which is right about where I would expect Sentry to use the uploaded artifacts for the release, Any ideas what’s going on here?

Sourcemap was invalid or not parseable: https://{deploy-host}/js/compiled/

So, Sentry uses the full URL as the artifact lookup internally. So it could be that Sentry is accessing the file you’ve uploaded, and found it not parseable.

That often happens if you’ve, say, uploaded a compressed format or something that we can’t read. Did you try download the artifact from inside Sentry? Make sure it’s readable.