Asking for a password, but I used Google Auth

When I try to make sensitive changes, I am asked for my password. However, I created the account using Google Auth. How do I get around this problem?


Responded via support, but if anyone else is seeing this let me know. We’re likely also going to add some UI to allow you to explicitly revoke a password during the SSO merge flow, which I know is one branch of this.

@zeeg this is still affecting me as well. I’ve emailed support, but I figured it would be good for others to see that this issue is still a problem.

I believe we fixed the issue we identified in the past that had misunderstood invalid password. Generally it only asks for a password if you had one. The only time you wont have a password is if you never had an account before using SSO. Most of the time, even if you use SSO, we’ll merge your account into the existing account.

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