Automate the process for new service registrations via providing DSN


The question is basically relates to sentry-spring java projects.
Nevertheless, it can be used in general as well

Currently, we have such an approach to register service on Sentry (separate project for new service):

  1. Create a new project on Sentry
  2. Update service with Sentry related configuration
  3. Put Sentry project DSN to service configuration (

This approach requires manual configuration. And my goal is to avoid it.
For example, I want to have created Sentry project via REST call and if it’s required - provide DSN as external call as well

In this way, I would avoid copy-pasting DSN in a service configuration

Does anybody know such a way I could use for this purpose or at least an ideas about it

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The UI uses a REST interface for most operations, and most of that REST interface is documented. Have a look at, in your case you need to create a project and create a new client key.

Yes, I’ve checked it and did these steps.
In this case, the client key (DSN) is generating randomly.

For example, I want to have a key exactly the same as the project name.
I didn’t find a way to specify the key myself

You cannot specify the key as its a randomly generated secret.