Automatically Create JIRA Tickets


I have recently set up the Jira Integration with Sentry and I can create a new Jira ticket when I view a Sentry Issue. But I have not been able to find a setting that will allow Sentry to create a Jira ticket on its own for each new issue that arises.
Is it possible to have Sentry create Jira tickets with no human interaction? This would be really useful to prevent the added step of manually creating each Jira ticket.

Thanks for the help!


There’s intentionally no way to do this on the current generation of issue tracker integrations. While it might seem like a good idea to automatically create a Jira issue out of every Sentry issue, it will quickly prove to be detrimental if you ever have an outage or send a large set of events that don’t aggregate together.


That’s a good point. Thanks for the quick reply!