Issues with automatic and manual JIRA ticket creation

Hi there,

I’ve enabled JIRA integration for few of my projects. I can login and fetch all the projects and issue types correctly.

I’ve also enabled automatic ticket creation to test how that works, but haven’t been able to create any tickets so far.

When I try to create a new ticket manually, I get the following errors in the console.


We’ll take a look at this asap this week @markobynd. We just pushed some pretty big initial refactorings to Jira (more coming soon), and this is likely caused by that.

/cc @jess

Thanks for the update.

The issues I’ve been trying to test are all marked as regression, if that helps.

I’ve switched to testing PagerDuty now and turned off the automatic JIRA triggers.

Ah yeah regressions dont trigger integrations today. They only go through our workflow emails.

If you did want to try creating an issue on a regression, you’d need to create a new Alert rule that does so.

That sounds good for now.

I’ve seen now some issues created in JIRA so it’s working for me. It was
most likely related to my inability to trigger any interesting errors on
the system. Really need to build a backdoors of some sort to make this
easier :slight_smile:

It could be interesting to create rules on issues that reach certain
threshold etc. I’ll look into the alerts further, the projects are pretty
much using defaults right now.

I still haven’t tried the manual JIRA ticket creation should it work now on
these projects that have automatic triggers.

Some kind of template would be nice so one could say in the ticket it was
created automatically. My colleague was wondering my speed of creating
these tickets, especially as I was OOO while that happened :slight_smile: