JIRA integration not working with hosted Sentry?


I am having an issue with automatic ticket creation. I have set this up on a couple of projects, but I can never get the JIRA ticket to be created automatically. I have used two sets of credentials: one a standard user, and another an admin user to try to get it to work, but a ticket does not get created. Manual creation does work however, via the ‘Create JIRA Issue’ button. Anyone else having this problem? I was in communication with a dev (Jess), who said a fix had been rolled up, but I still see the issue. It is entirely possible I am a special class of idiot, of course.

Any info appreciated!

This is a slip on our part. We intended to disable the automatic ticket creation feature as it doesn’t work in all situations. The complexity here comes around all of JIRA’s custom fields, and most importantly custom required fields. It’s likely we’ll still try to support the feature in its current form (and resolve any existing issues), but that likely won’t happen until we push out the new JIRA integration (soon).

In the future our plan is to allow creation of issues through standard rules (thus, making it alert driven).