Back-end and front-end : 2 projects or 1 project?


I’m new to Sentry: I have just set up a project to handle JS errors for my front-end and I really liked Sentry so I would like to try to use Sentry to log also my back-end errors (Symfony).

I have already 2 projects: one for our prod and one for our preprod/local.

In this case, would you recommend to make a project for the back-end and a project for the front-end or to use the same project for Symfony and JS errors? And why so?

Thanks for your help,

I personally have a single project for both front and back-end errors.

You can filter easily on the logger (javascript for front-end and php for the backend).

Although if you have lot’s of (different) JavaScript errors it can get quite overwhelming and you might want to use a seperate project to keep not overlook important back-end errors.

There are a lot of built-in filters to prevent JavaScript errors from older browsers and/or plugins to prevent useless errors.