Bad data reconstructing object (JSONDecodeError, Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0))

Hey guys,
i simply want to send a message to our sentry with Raven in Javascript.

My little testcase looks like:

Raven.captureException(new Error('this is an error message'));

This code is called and is see a network connection to our sentry in the network tab of the developer console. The request came back with an 200. But if i copy and paste the requested url i get the following error:

Bad data reconstructing object (JSONDecodeError, Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0))

I cant see any errors in sentry. Sentry still show the installation instructions.

I have no further idea and i hope you can help me…

best regards

It’s very possible this is an issue with your version of Sentry – which is it?

You can also confirm the data being sent to the server using the network inspector.

Our sentry version is `Sentry 8.6.0``

Where i can find the networkinspector?

In Google Chrome its called Developer Tools, and its under the Network tab. I’m assuming you meant “browser” when you said javacript, but if it’s Node, you’d have to use something a bit more complex (and often more difficult than just inspecting via a breakpoint).

Sry for my weired answer befor. For sure i know the networkinspector :wink: Yes i can see the ajax call to our sentry. The response was a 200 with the event_id. I changed the dsn to a new one directly of an account. I guess our sentry installation is broken at some point. We will inspect that. I will give an answer if we solve the problem.

Thanks for the help

Yesterday we upgraded our sentry version from 8.6.0 to 8.8.0. For about a hour we were able to send exceptions to our sentry. But now its still the same situation like before the upgrade… Im idea less. Are there any logs i can search through? Were using centOs7

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the workers were not actually running? We’ve seen situations where Celery (the third party software we use to run them) doesn’t recover correctly with certain failures.

Okay, i can look for the workers. But our Java Applications dont have any problems to report their exceptions to sentry. Do they use the workers too?