Best Practice for "automated" sourcemap upload in multiple deploy environment

Hi. I’m a front-end developer sustaining a web service with react.js.
Sentry is so much helpful for maintaining our apps, Thanks for sharing.

I have a question about the Sentry “automated” source map uploading feature in multiple deploy environment.

There are 3 environments. LOCAL(developer’s machine), QA(for tests), REAL(for user).

When I pushed local source to remote, then build and deploy are started.
And type some commands to deploy to REAL, current QA build is promoted.

There’re some problems when I upload sourcemaps on every two phases(build & deploy).


When I upload sourcemaps on the build phase with Jenkins(using sentry-webpack-plugin)… QA build is not triggered once. It can be triggered any time to test while the QA period. but I need to upload sourcemaps once at the last deployment. but it’s absolutely not predictable.

When I upload sourcemaps on the deploy phase with Docker & Kubernetes(using sentry-cli)… deployment is triggered for every pods(like instances). Then unnecessary sourcemaps upload is triggered as many as count of pods we have.

Is there any way to solve this? or what do you think when I trigger source map upload is better? between build phase and deploy phase.

It’s been three months onwards I have faced this issue… so freely sharing your ideas it’s definitely informative to me.

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