Best practices for CI/CD pipeline?

We currently do:
sentry-cli releases delete $(REVISION)
sentry-cli releases new $(REVISION)
and then we upload sourcemaps:
sentry-cli releases --project our-project files $(REVISION) upload-sourcemaps --url-prefix$(REVISION) dist/exploded

Couple questions:

  • Is there a general best practices somewhere how to do sentry with CI/CD pipelines?
  • We have the delete/new steps from way back - noone remembers why we do the delete/new - anyone knows why we would be doing it?
  • We currently do not finalize the releases - any concern about that?

Hey mkj28,

We have done something similar to what you are doing as we script CLI events via node / javascript as part of our build pipeline. I would recommend not removing files from each release however as you are dropping some of the mapping and that might impact the regression event that can pop up in the interface. We never delete the maps. Just load new ones (and since they are webpack hashed if the file hasnt changed its not added).

Recently we switched over to using the API vs CLI just to give us some more finegrain control but basically same process

Thanks @KevinStong. so looks like you are suggesting to drop the line?

sentry-cli releases delete $(REVISION)