Best practices for organizing projects


I have a dozen or so projects I need to monitor with Sentry, each for a different customer (sometimes a few for the same customer).

For each project, there are usually 2 or 3 instances: dev and/or preprod, and prod.

2 quick questions:

  1. Should I create a Sentry project for each instance, or for each project ? (I guess instance, because they don’t run the exact same version of the code).

  2. Should I create just one Sentry team for all my projects (my engineering team is actually just a handful of people), or one per project ?



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Mmm, another approach could be to have teams “Prod”, “Preprod” and “Dev” and the appropriate projects in each team. Does it make more sense ?

What scheme are people actually using ?

I currently use a team per app and an project per environment type (prod, stag, dev). This works quite well for me so far.

Unless Sentry supports environments in projects I don’t think you have much other options apart from the ones you outlined.

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I’m experimenting with adding the environment to events within a project, but there doesn’t seem to be much functionality that makes use of it. Would be nice if you could “ignore for this environment”, etc

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