Sentry project setup for multi tenant web app

We have a setup where a single codebase has 10 different deployments for different tenants.

Currently, we have setup a different sentry project for each of these tenants. This works fine in general, but managing the same issue across projects is a problem. Since they are the same codebase, the same issue would usually appear across different tenants, and we need to do the same actions on the issue across different projects. For example, if the issue is resolved, we have to mark it resolved in all 10 sentry projects.

Also, this setup is a problem with integrations. For example, the gitlab integration allows to attach one sentry project to a repo. In this case, we have 10 sentry projects for the same codebase and so we can’t attach all of them to this repo.

What would be a better approach to follow in this case ? Should i make these 10 environments within the same sentry project ? It would solve the issue of having to act on the same issue across different projects and also for gitlab integration, but ideally, i wouldn’t want to keep issues for every tenant in a single place, or would like to have some kind of demarcation.