Bitbucket Pipelines x Sentry OnPromise


It is possible to integrate Sentry OnPromise with Bitbucket Pipelines (Cloud)?

When i try to put the code on the Pipe:

      - step:
          name: Sentry Report
            - pipe: sentryio/sentry-new-release:0.3.0
                SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN: '*****'
                SENTRY_ORG: 'test-user'
                SENTRY_PROJECT: 'test-proyect'
                ENVIRONMENT: 'staging'
                FINALIZE: 'false'
                DEBUG: 'true'

The request was made to: DEBUG 2021-07-06 13:42:49.018762573 +00:00 request POST

Any way to override this domain to use Sentry On Promise?

Many Thanks!

BitBucket pipelines uses sentry-cli underneath: Bitbucket

That means all env variables applicable to sentry-cli would work: Configuration and Authentication | Sentry Documentation

That means you can set SENTRY_URL to your self-hosted instance URL and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Sorry this is a bit buried.

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