On-prem senty integration with private bitbucket

Hi there,

I would like to connect a private, on-prem sentry with a private, on-prem bitbucket. There is any way to do it?
If not, when will be supported, or what alternatives can you suggest?

This feature was added quite recently:

You can install the latest version of Sentry and then use the Bitbucket Server integration to achieve what you want.

Would this work without involving any Sentry cloud-based (relay) services? I mean, what if the on-prem Sentry and on-prem Bitbucket are behind a firewall, and they do not reach the internet nor are accessible from internet (and they never will, according to security policy).

Yes, the bitbucket server integration is available (we use latest version of sentry), but our senty and bitbucket instances are on private network, and we can’t open their ports to the internet. Have you any other solution?

This shouldn’t require any public access if both are on the same private network. Not sure why you think these would require public access.