Breadcrumbs not filtered by scope with .NET SDK

We are using the Sentry .NET SDK in an Aure Functions app. When an error is reported during invocation of a function, the breadcrumbs in Sentry include those of prior invocations of the function.

I found this thread where it was suggested a scope should be pushed at the beginning of an operation and popped at the end, and that the breadcrumbs would be filtered to the scope.

I wrapped the code inside the function in a using (SentrySdk.PushScope(Guid.NewGuid().ToString())) { } block.

The scope and its unique value is visible in Sentry under the issue’s tags, but the breadcrumbs are not filtered to only those that are logged inside the using block.

We are using Sentry via Serilog.

When you push a scope, you have an isolated scope from others but that scope inherits all values from where it was forked from (the place before you called push). Once you exit the using block all crumbs and tags you set within that scope will be lost. So an event captured after that point will not include them.

Could you confirm you are only seeing crumbs that happen before the request started (such as ‘app started’)?
How are you initializing the SDK?