Polluted breadcrumbs

I am using sentry-logback for my scala app, minimal configuration has been provided in logback.xml, like dsn , min event level at error and min breadcrumb level at debug ( which is also default for sentry ).

Now problem is, for any event/ issue anything that was printed on console prior to sending the event, whether on same stack trace or different, even different threads, different parent class etc also get recorded in breadcrumbs.

Now the whole project already uses the same log level for debug or normal info and i want to avoid adding a new log level just for breadcrumbs.

Is there a way to achieve only required breadcrumbs, from parent methods or parent threads ? Docs say scope is passed from parent to child.

Hi! Perhaps you aren’t using scopes? If this is a web application, each incoming request should push scope at the beginning of executing, and pop scope at the end. This way, breadcrumbs will be “scoped” only to the executed request.