[BUG] Sentry Crashed iOS App (SentrySwift)

Noticed one crash yesterday. Seems like it came from Sentry. I use it only about 2 days and given number of lunches I had with Sentry are less than 100 - I’m pretty worried how often it will crash in production.

SIGABRT: Signal 6, Code 0
  libsystem_pthread   0x6b14211    start_wqthread
  libsystem_pthread   0x6b14736    _pthread_wqthread
  libdispatch         0x674f7b4    _dispatch_worker_thread3
  libdispatch         0x674fc04    _dispatch_root_queue_drain
  libdispatch         0x676812e    _dispatch_client_callout
  libdispatch         0x6746810    _dispatch_call_block_and_release
  SentrySwift         0x3893b40    SentryClient.(captureEvent(Event) -> ()).(closure #1)
  SentrySwift         0x389bdcf    specialized SentryClient.captureEvent(Event, useClientProperties : Bool, completed : (Bool) -> ()?) -> ()
  SentrySwift         0x3859913    BreadcrumbStore.clear() -> ()
  SentrySwift         0x389a648    partial apply for thunk
  SentrySwift         0x389a5bf    partial apply for SentryClient.(breadcrumbs.getter).(closure #1).(closure #1)
  SentrySwift         0x389cf64    specialized SentryClient.(breadcrumbs.getter).(closure #1).(closure #1)
  SentrySwift         0x38926aa    SentryClient.(crashHandler.materializeForSet).(closure #1)
  SentrySwift         0x3892246    SentryClient.crashHandler.didset
  SentrySwift         0x3887da7    protocol witness for EventProperties.tags.setter in conformance KSCrashHandler
  SentrySwift         0x3886db8    KSCrashHandler.updateUserInfo() -> ()
  KSCrash             0x32c21af    -[KSCrash setUserInfo:]
  KSCrash             0x32eb300    ksstring_replace
  libsystem_malloc    0x698d867    free
  libsystem_c         0x6859fd7    abort
  libsystem_kernel    0x6adfdda    __pthread_kill


Sorry for the late reply … We tried to reproduce the crash but with no success.

Could you provide us some more detailed information:

  • What version of SentrySwift are you running?
  • What did you do in order to see the crash?
  • Are you able to reproduce the crash?

Thanks for your help

  • Daniel

We have just released version 1.3.2 of https://github.com/getsentry/sentry-swift
which should prevent this crash.
Please update and report if your problem still persists.

  • Daniel