iOS Swift crash reporting symbols


I have been looking into integrating Sentry in my iOS project. I have successfully installed the Pod (latests version of Sentry) and prepared everything in AppDelegate.
I have tried my first crash where I submitted some form with nil value and got crash.

I can see the crash in Sentry but I can’t really understand it.
I have used the way to uplaod symbols using sentry-cli, where I inserted the script in Xcode and meanwhile it is building the project, I get the success message that the dYSM was uploaded.

Example of crash:

Is this normal? Or should I see more clean name of variables, class names etc.?
How can I verify if dYSM is on the Sentry and working?

Hopefully I wrote this clear enought :slight_smile:

Hey, I suppose you are using Swift 4.2, right?

Apple updated their demangling and we are working on a fix for it.
Your setups seems correct this is a bug on our side stay tuned.

Hey, yes indeed, I am using 4.2.
Sounds great, I will keep my eyes open. Thank you.

@HazAT do we perhaps have any ETA on this?

I hope early next week.

Amazing. Thank you for your effort.
As soon this is merged we can update symbolic in Sentry, then this should work.
Should be there tomorrow or the day after.

Thanks @jauer

Sounds amazing. Thank you very much for the update.

@HazAT just a question, do I have to update my Pod or anything like that? Or is this update just on your side?

No, it’s on our server so it will just start to work xD

Wonderful xD