Can I delete dSYMs from our project?

I’m setting up Sentry crash-reporting from our iOS app at Khan Academy.

In the process, I’ve been trying to debug our fastlane dSYM-upload stuff using Sentry’s fastlane action. It’s been pretty smooth, but I ran into an issue with the Info.plist parsing:

While I managed to get it up and running, the dSYMs on Sentry’s website have some bad info on ‘em, and I want to try deleting & re-uploading the dSYMs to see if I can get the metadata to look correct. Unfortunately, I don’t see an option in Sentry’s webapp to delete dSYMs.

Is it possible to delete these dSYMs, either on the webapp or via sentry-cli? Thanks!

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It’s not possible to delete dSYMs but the assignment you see in the UI is only cosmetic, it has zero impact what we take for symbolication. Only the UUID of the dSYM is used (which cannot be changed and is in the file).

What determines the UUID of a dSYM?

I’m trying to make sure I can “trust” how Sentry parses the Info.plist for my app, and I don’t know how to check that my uploaded dSYMs are properly getting accepted / overwriting old values.

(For example, I’m trying to see what it takes to get our version and build numbers to appear in the “cosmetic UI”, and it’s not clear to me whether-or-not my modifications to the Info.plist are actually changing the values that I expect.)