Cleanup of old dsyms


is it possible to clean up old dsyms? Since we upload the dsyms for all of our builds and we build quite a lot each day, we accumulate a lot of unneeded dsyms, especially because dsyms are usually not needed for more than one month. The cleanup command does not seem to delete the dsyms. Is there anything already included or maybe something planned?

Thanks in advance

This is still an issue for us.

Same here. We’ve collected quite a few GBs of (meanwhile pointless) dSYMs over the last two years. Is there any way to automatically delete obsolete dSYMs - e.g. via the API?

Have you tried running sentry cleanup --days 90 (or some other time span)? –

cleanup is running with --days 30 every night. That does not affect the debug information files.

However, I was able to write a dirty little script using the API to reads, filter and delete obsolete debug information files. (obsolete = older than six months). We’ll see how that works out…

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@rodneyrehm - oh, that’s pretty nice! Maybe we should make this a part of the cleanup command. @mitsuhiko, @matt does that sound like a good idea?

@rodneyrehm - is it possible for you to share your script through a gist or something so others may also benefit from that in the meantime?

@BYK - I’ve extracted the DebugInformationFile stuff from my cleanup project: - It’s a trivial time-based approach. I doubt this will work for everyone.

I suppose something like “delete all DebugInformationFiles that haven’t been used for $x days” would be a safer bet - but currently those access times are not tracked/exposed…

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